Creative Funding Solutions Ltd is a brokerage regulated by the FCA and its services are advertised through this website to introduce you to a wide panel of lenders who may or may not offer you a loan and who may pay us a commission for doing so.


Invest in property with the right mortgage for you

Did you know that if you take a standard residential mortgage and then rent the property you commit mortgage fraud?

But don’t worry, because at this stage in the game a buy-to-let mortgage is the perfect way to invest for the future and generate an income in the present at the same time.

Take the headache out of your negotiations with the bank. Let us negotiate for you. We will keep you informed as to progress every step of the way, and ensure your application is presented in the best way possible. Usually, we have a very good idea on your chances of approval even prior to submission. So relax, unwind, and let somebody else do the stressful bit for a change.

Product information: tax advantages apply! Rental income is taxed as salary, but then again a landlord can deduct their costs: including interest and maintenance costs on the property. And of course, there are no National Insurance contributions. In certain circumstances, Capital Gains Tax relief may also apply. See your tax advisor!

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