Creative Funding Solutions Ltd is a brokerage regulated by the FCA and its services are advertised through this website to introduce you to a wide panel of lenders who may or may not offer you a loan and who may pay us a commission for doing so.


32Because time is of the essence

Bridge the gap between debt coming due and credit becoming available. If you are looking to complete the purchase of a property but there is a gap in your chain and time is of the essence, a bridging loan can be a simple alternative to mainstream lending.

Alternatively, if you have not yet put your existing property on the market you will have to provide a wealth of supporting information, which we will help you with, and have equity available before you can get your hands on a quick, short-term loan.

There are actually a number of advantages:

  • You aren’t dependent on the completion of one transaction as a seller before you can enter as a purchaser into another one
  • Allows you time to complete substantial renovation upon a property so as to then obtain a regular mortgage on more favorable terms
  • Facilitates quick finance necessary in the case of auction
  • Available for undeveloped land, commercial and residential premises
  • Boosts working capital, funding your business in the shorter term
  • Smooths temporary cash flow deficits
  • Pay unexpected bills
  • Update your premises
  • Quickly close on an ideal property
  • Take advantage of a transient opportunity which could secure long-term benefits
  • Temporary finance while awaiting building permits/ planning permission
  • Allows for time to obtain funding from other sources, such as major private equity financing, awaiting IPO or acquisition
  • Take advantage of fire sale discounts
  • We work with you to establish a Bridging Loan which fits your needs.

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