26Get a fast, unsecured loan from people you trust

Level the playing field and smooth your cash flow with a one-off fixed-rate, predictable factor-type loan that you can control.

An unsecured business loan is lent against the likelihood of future repayment, rather than against a security such as property, or an asset. That likelihood is measured in real numbers, not past sins. If you can afford to repay, you will most likely get the loan you require.

For example, if a funder wires you £100 and you agree to repay £110 next month, then that loan has a factor rate of 1.1. It’s fixed at the outset, and easy to understand!


Double, or treble your money

What’s more, you can borrow up to £500,000 and take repayment terms from weeks to years. Any business can apply, and we offer early repayment options and other bespoke repayment terms.

Including: quick, short-term business loans, emergency business loans, tax loans, and time-critical project loans with short lead-times.