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19On the level

If you also take card transactions, then you are likely to be eligible for a business cash advance.

This is the easiest type of loan to get approval on, and half of our customers simply take out a new loan as soon as they’re done.

A typical advance would be a month’s worth of card sales. Anything from £2,500 to £300,000, depending on your average normal card sales over that period.

20Elegance in Simplicity

We agree the factor rate, which will amount to the total cost, however long you take to repay, which will be at a fixed daily rate of part of your credit and debit card sales. You keep all your cash sales.

For example, if we agree to a factor of 1.3, lending £10,000, and you pay it back over 6 months or 12 months, the amount you will have had to repay will be exactly the same in each case (£13,000).

It couldn’t be simpler. Think of a business cash advance as your Route 1 to whatever goals you’ve set yourself this year.

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