Creative Funding Solutions Ltd is a brokerage regulated by the FCA and its services are advertised through this website to introduce you to a wide panel of lenders who may or may not offer you a loan and who may pay us a commission for doing so.


Refinance existing assets to release equity

Sale and Leaseback arrangements release capital tied up in assets, allowing you to maintain their use whilst relinquishing ownership. The value of the assets you are able to capitalise are assessed and then purchased from you. These are immediately leased or financed back into service at a monthly rate you can afford.

16You should look at refinance if:

  • You require a revitalising cash injection
  • You want to raise capital to purchase assets, or release capital tied up
  • You would prefer to avoid immediate exposure to current banking
  • It’s tax efficient for your business
  • You would like to retain ownership at the end of the agreement
  • You would like to reduce payments on a pre-existing deal
  • You didn’t realise asset finance was an option open to you on equipment procured
  • You are buying overseas goods from a supplier who requires payment before delivery to the UK

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