Creative Funding Solutions Ltd is a brokerage regulated by the FCA and its services are advertised through this website to introduce you to a wide panel of lenders who may or may not offer you a loan and who may pay us a commission for doing so.


pcpSneak that luxury in right under your accountant’s nose!

Personal Contract Purchases are similar to a hire purchase, but instead of paying off the entire value of the car, you only pay the depreciation value. Ownership remains with the lender.

At the end of the term, you either return the car, update it and begin a new term or buy it at the residual price agreed at the start of the loan. This means a much lower monthly payment than with hire purchase on the same vehicle.

You don’t have to compromise on quality just because you’re on a tighter budget. There’s always a way to get under the wire.

Our personal promises to you

Uniquely personalised to you, with a customer liaison programme that is comprehensive and designed with a certain depth of character in mind – the character of your business. Face-to-face meetings, dedicated account management, attending your premises and out-of-hours availability all part of the deal.
Our bespoke financial packages are tailor-made to suit your requirements. We work with the people behind the brand.
We understand that finding the right financial solution for your business is hard, however our experienced team work with you to really understand your business and offer the best financial solution for you.
We have industry-specific specialists and we invest in the communities we serve. If you want commitment, we’ve demonstrated it, time and again. Why settle for any less?
And you can share in ours. Exploit our inside knowledge and strong business relationships now and see the bigger picture.
Creative™ offer a P2P finance facility if appropriate to your business. Your account manager can discuss all the options open to you.
That’s why we offer full UK coverage and not just the mainland. We want to work with you, wherever you are.
We structure deals to meet the vicissitudes of business in the modern marketplace. We understand that your business can change at a moments notice and are able to support you.
Refreshing your fleet? Let us remarket your de-fleeted vehicles for you. We make it our business so you don’t have to.
Finance can be proposed, approved, signed AND paid within 24 hours of your enquiry.