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12Off balance sheet leasing

An operating lease is ideal for businesses that need an asset for a set period of time, but do not want to purchase it. The right to possess and use the asset is granted for the period outlined in the initial agreement.

You can benefit from the use of an asset and the income it generates without having to take on the maintenance and repair. Therefore the hirer gets a better ROI during the life of the lease.

13Bespoke Finance

Rental payments can be tailored to match the income generated by the asset itself, or to suit your business cash flow needs. At the end of the lease, you will have the option to extend the agreement or return the asset, which will remove your responsibility for – and the cost of – compliant disposal.

By taking out an Operating Lease, you negate the risk of depreciation, as the value of the asset at termination is no longer the lessee’s concern. However there are strict mileage or usage restrictions on an Operating Lease since the lessor must calculate their residual position with some certainty based on the usage the asset has had.

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